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Terms & Conditions

Version 1.1 — November 2017

Denial of responsibility Privacy


These Terms and Conditions, as well as the price list of the contractual relationship between you and us, come into effect upon your registration on 4B2.com. The current version of the Regulations and Price List are present at the time of the order. Zabava GmbH (Switzerland) and Zabava GmbH (Germany) will be from now on referred to as «we» or Zabava GmbH. These terms and price list apply every time you use a 4B2.com email address or a postal address we provide for making purchases.

Sign up

Registration on 4B2.com, owned by Zabava GmbH, is free. Upon completion of registration, you must provide the data on your personal email address, as well as a valid postal delivery address to which Zabava GmbH will deliver your orders. Zabava GmbH may refuse to register you without giving a reason. In the event that you provide non-valid identification data (full name or delivery address of a different or non-existent person), Zabava GmbH is not responsible for the delivery of your order and any losses incurred by you in this regard.


In the process of purchasing goods in online stores of the European Union, you will use every time the email address @4B2.com provided to you by Zabava GmbH. You must make all purchases on behalf of Zabava GmbH and to the address of Zabava GmbH:

  1. When placing an order in the online store, use only the email address @4b2.com. In this case, Zabava GmbH will automatically receive a copy of the order confirmation or any other reply by email. Please use the email address @4b2.com exclusively for orders, not for other messages and personal correspondence.

    Using email addresses other than @4b2.com for orders via Zabava GmbH is not possible. If you already have an account in an online store in Europe, you need to register a new account, in the name of Zabava GmbH (Deutschland). Only Zabava GmbH (Germany) is a contract partner and recipient of services ordered from your email address @4b2.com.
  2. #4B2 only accepts purchases fully paid by Visa/Mastercard or PayPal.

    Unpaid orders (per Nachnahme — cash on delivery, auf Rechnung — delivery with invoice) are not accepted and returned at your expense.

  3. As the shipping address and billing address you must enter the following data:
    «Name» for shopping, your email @4b2.com and our address from the Personal Account.
  4. Zabava GmbH cannot process your order if other delivery address and payer address were indicated during its execution. Additional information cannot be specified (for example «personally — personal names», «c/o», etc.).
  5. Zabava GmbH undertakes to sell you your order, purchased in the EU online store at the same final price, as soon as the goods arrive according to your order at Zabava GmbH and subject to the absence of customs legal restrictions on export or import. These include —not final— all goods that are not subject to customs regulations. A list of these products is here.
  6. If Zabava GmbH cannot determine the final delivery recipient (for example, if you did not use your e-mail address @4b2.com) and if the search in the online store does not lead to any results, Zabava GmbH can store the ordered goods for a maximum three months. After this period, the right to execute the contract of sale through Zabava GmbH gets canceled. If you have not received the goods, you ordered, please contact our support team.
  7. The Zabava GmbH price list, which you can find here, is used to determine the cost of your delivery. The cost of the goods that you paid for in the online store in favor of Zabava GmbH is fully counted as an advance payment. You will need to pay only the cost of shipping, packaging and additional services of our warehouse (if any).
  8. Please, always upload the invoice file from the online store to the corresponding order in your Personal Account.


Depending on the type, size or weight of the relevant goods, Zabava GmbH delivers it to the specified address by DHL, postal service, DPD or another transport agency.

For products weighing up to 20 kg and lengths up to 120 cm, as well as maximum coverage (height x2 + width x2 + longest side) up to 200 cm preliminary consultation with Zabava GmbH is not needed. The established tariffs calculate the cost of delivery of such items. For delivery of oversized goods, you must first contact support service, before placing an order. If you purchase oversized goods without obtaining prior consent from Zabava GmbH, we reserve the right to return oversized and heavy goods to the sender (online store). In this case, any arising costs get paid at your expense.

Payment and ownership

Payment for Zabava GmbH services must be made before your order is sent. You can pay for Zabava GmbH services with a credit card. Before the transfer of funds for services to the Zabava GmbH account, all goods that have arrived at the Zabava GmbH (Deutschland) warehouse or sent back to the seller, are the property of Zabava GmbH.

Payment for ordered goods is made directly in the corresponding online store exclusively through serviced bank cards, PayPal or any other available online payment method. We do not accept or serve goods shipped with payment methods like an invoice, cash on delivery or credit. These goods get returned to the online store, and you will have to pay the cost of returning the goods following our established tariffs. Additionally, a fee gets charged according to the price list.

The delivery of Zabava GmbH is considered to be fully executed at the time of delivery of your order to your address.


For the return of goods specific conditions of online stores in the EU do not apply, which used the e-mail @4b2.com, because in the role of the final seller of the goods is Zabava GmbH (Deutschland). However, Zabava GmbH provides the opportunity to return the goods to the original sender (online store), provided that the return is possible at the time set by the store. In each case, it is necessary to take into account that processing a return can take up to 7 days. If the store has a return period of 14 days from the date of purchase, Zabava GmbH will be able to return the goods if you provide them return to Zabava GmbH no later than 7 days after the original date of the order. If the store offers a refund within 30 days, you need to ensure receipt of goods back to Zabava GmbH no later than 23 days after the original date of the order.

For this service, Zabava GmbH charges a fee by the price list. From a legal point of view, Zabava GmbH cannot receive a refund of the value of the returned goods to its account from the online store. All funds for the returned goods are transferred directly to you as a payer for those details from which you paid your initial order. If somehow money for the returned goods comes from the store in favor of Zabava GmbH, we will transfer them to your account and provide all the necessary documents.

Only unused/new goods get accepted for return. Return must be made in undamaged original packaging. Use of the original packaging of the products as a shipping package is not allowed. Please use an additional protective transport packaging for this. By accepting the terms and conditions, each client agrees to indemnify Zabava GmbH for any losses incurred in this case.

In the case of a personal return of goods to the online store, for example, by direct sending to the address of the store through the post office, Zabava GmbH does not bear any responsibility for the performance of the warranty obligations provided by this agreement.

Responsibility and guarantees

The buyer must check the goods upon delivery. Zabava GmbH is liable only for damages and losses that fall within the scope of their responsibility. These obligations are limited to the value of the goods.

Any warranty requirements must be presented directly to the original dealer. If a return of the relevant goods is required, Zabava GmbH provides its return within 24 months after the first order by the current price list. Also, by the current price list, an additional fee is charged in the event of the exchange of goods through Zabava GmbH.


Orders that are in our warehouse for more than 60 calendar days without a paid shipment to the customer are recycled (including transferred to charitable centers). The cost of goods and services rendered by us is not refundable.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality

Zabava GmbH does not transfer any personal data to third parties. An exception is the transfer of data within the framework of legislative acts for collection of debts, creditworthiness and customs legal issues.

Zabava GmbH uses Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika to analyze the use of the website. This generates anonymous estimates and graphs. Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika serve exclusively for your own market research and analysis.

Zabava GmbH uses cookies to save transactions and simplify further visits. Use of cookies you can edit in your browser in the security settings.

You agree that Zabava GmbH takes note of all the data that is transmitted via e-mail @4b2.com, as well as the contents of your parcels. Zabava GmbH uses this information to process your orders.


All the information you are interested in can be obtained by asking your question to our support service. This modern and fast way to get the information you need will save your time.

Intellectual property

The site 4B2.com and brand # 4B2, owned by Zabava GmbH, as well as all elements used on this website are protected by trademarks and the law on copyright and related rights. The use of the elements of this website (including texts, images, and other elements) is not allowed in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Zabava GmbH.

Term and conditions for making changes

These terms apply to the entire life of Zabava GmbH and can be changed at any time by Zabava GmbH. The current version is posted on our website.

Applicable right

These terms and conditions, as well as the contractual relationship between you and Zabava GmbH are governed by the substantive law of Switzerland.


For any disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions, contracts or other agreements with Zabava GmbH, Zug, Switzerland, is considered to be an exclusive jurisdiction. You can sue the courts in any of the five foreign languages: English, German, French, Italian and Roman.

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